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We all know that women have very different orgasms from those of men. Apart from the fact that they last much longer and are supposedly much more intense and frequent, they are also reportedly very easy to fake, as it is reported that only twenty five percent of women consistently have orgasms during each occurrence of intercourse.

Well, if you’re worried about whether your partner has been reaching climax or not, you may now have a solution to get her there anyway. A type of fungi was discovered in Hawaii that has the ability to make a woman climax instantly and spontaneously.

The mushroom grows on lava that is usually between 600 and 1000 years old, it hasn’t yet been named but it’s known to belong to the Dictyophora species. On the Hawaiian peninsula, the mushroom is known among locals for its aphrodisiac effects and is allegedly able to give women an intense orgasm just by smelling it. Because of this folk belief, two scientists decided to run an experiment and check the science behind the legend.

  • Named John Halliday and Noah Soule, the two researchers asked 16 women and 20 men to smell the plant and report on the effect that they felt as a result. As a result, the journal of the experiment resulted in almost half of the women reporting that they experienced immediate, spontaneous orgasms. The men however, were not as affected by the smell and mostly reported that they just felt an extremely disgusting stench.

Despite the fact that such a study may make a lot of our female readers very happy and possibly go actively looking for wild climax-giving lava mushrooms, we advise you to wait it out. The results of the experiment have been widely disputed by many in the scientific community and have even been called garbage science by others. What is certain is that more research is absolutely necessary on this mushroom strain if we will be convinced of its supernormal abilities in the future.

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