Drug survey


A new global drug survey has been made. The survey lists all the legal and illegal drugs known to the public and compares them in terms of safety and wideness of use. We might be spoiling the rest of the article for you, but we’ll tell you something you probably already know. Alcohol is not the safest thing out there. It was found that the sitting champion is actually hallucinogenic mushrooms which are officially the recreational drug with the least negative effects of all studied drug.

The Survey was conducted on more than 100,000 participants from 50 different countries worldwide. The survey wanted to get a better understanding of the kinds of drugs that people take, their average frequency of use, their reasons for use and finally, the effects of these substances, whether negative or positive.

  • The survey team measured the safety of each drug by the number of people taking it who needed emergency medical care afterwards. In this respect, the drug that scored the lowest was mushrooms with only 0.2 percent of users having needed medical help straight after consumption.
  • On the other end of the spectrum, MDMA, LSD and Cocaine were among the most dangerous substances. While alcohol was ranked second safest with only 1.4 percent of cases ending up at the hospital. However, it was also shown in two of the best scientific studies on drug use to be the most dangerous drug when taking into consideration the damage that it causes in its consumers as well as others around them.

Even though this study was considered global, that doesn’t necessarily say a lot about its comprehensivity, as not all countries included reported the same number of responders. However, it still provides a very interesting and unique insight into the world of underground drugs and gives us information that can effectively be used in future regulation and even further scientific studies.

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