Anti-vaxxer movement


In recent years, a new movement has been spreading online first then started to have some serious real life consequences. It is called the Anti-vaxxer movement and its disciples believe that vaccines are directly linked to autism and can be a cause of it. Despite heaps of available medical and scientific journals and information, the movement has seen a spike in the last few years which can be seen directly in the number of unexpected outbreaks of previously defeated diseases such as measles in developed countries where the anti-vaxxer movement has spread.

In the US where the movement has first started, the country is now experiencing and unprecedented return of measles. This is thanks to unbased claims by discredited scientists and unethical politicians such as the president himself who keep claiming a link between the MMR vaccine and autism.

But thankfully, some governments have grasped the real risk of the movement at the root. Australia started last year with the “No jab, No pay” program that deprived parents that don’t vaccinate their children from getting child benefits. This expectedly reduced the number of unvaccinated children in the country as well as the number of reported infections. The country expanded the program further with the “No jab, No play” initiative that blocked unvaccinated children from attending state funded preschools thus raising the average vaccination rate of Australia to 92.2 percent.

And now Italy is following suit. The Health minister Beatrice Lorenzin has just announced this month that children without adequate vaccines will not be admitted to state funded schools. In a paper that got approved by all the ministers, Mrs Lorenzin went on demonstrating the nefarious consequences of skipping vaccination for the greater good of the country and succeeded in making the proposition in law just last week.

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